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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Craft Addict Revealed

I recently did a search online for signs of addiction. What I found was generic, so you could fill in your drug or behavior of choice, but if you add the words "craft" or "crafting" in the blanks where a drug name would go what you get is suprisingly pertinent to my suspected addiction to crafts. Check it out:
  1. Can you stop doing "the thing" you suspect/others have told you that you are addicted to for a day, a week, a month, a year, or forever? Hmmm. No one has actually told me that I'm addicted to crafts and crafting, but my husband has come close and I suspect that I am addicted. I don't see myself quitting for more than a month so I guess the answer is no.
  2. Does the thought of your stopping doing "the thing" for a short time cause you any physical discomfort, mental anguish, or emotional anxiety? Physical discomfort? I'd have to be into some weird crafts, maybe the kind they did in the 60's. Emotional anxiety or mental anguish.... maybe.
  3. Would your stopping doing "the thing" cause you to be "less yourself"? Hah! DEFINITELY! Even my husband recognizes my craft interests as an ingrained part of my personality.
  4. Have you tried and failed to stop doing "the thing" in the past? Now why would I want to quit? That's just crazy talk!
  5. Do you know that doing "the thing" does not serve you and/or is causing problems in your life (at home, at work, in the community)? Hmmm. This one is tough. The only problem it causes for me is the loss of a spare bedroom and some space in the garage to my mountains of craft supplies, maybe a small drain on my finances and some rolled eyes and teasing on the part of my husband. Now that I put it that way, I may be causing myself a few teeny weeny worries, but these risks far outweigh the benefits. Spoken like a true addict!!
  6. Have you lost friends or alienated family members or irritated coworkers because you keep on doing "the thing" no matter what? No, this hasn't happened yet though I wonder how long my hubby will think my habit is cute and endearing.
  7. Have you or are you putting your life at risk by doing "the thing"? No, unless hubby decides to toss my stuff or "rearrange" one night and I get hit by a car while chasing the garbage truck down the street trying to get my 2 ton bag of buttons back. Ha Ha. I'm not that crazy! (Or am I....)
  8. Deep down inside, do you really want to keep on doing "the thing"? Well duh! That's a no brainer.
  9. Does "the thing" control you or do you control "the thing"? I'm in control except when a sale flyer comes out, or I pass by the fabric store, or I read a craft magazine, or I surf eBay. Hmmm. Maybe I am out of control. But I kinda like it that way :)


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