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Saturday, January 07, 2006

UFO #1 - Dad's Pants

These are not strictly a craft project, but they do constitute a sewing project and they are unfinished, so I am tackling them as my first UFO to get out of the way. Dad asked me to hem these pants sometime around September and he told me he didn't need them right away so I instantly put them aside and forgot about them. Now that I am in "get rid of it" mode with practically everything, I figure it's about time I got them back to him. Don't you think? I am trying to decide right now whether to hem them by hand or by machine. Machine would probably be faster, but not guaranteed to look as nice. Also, the "craft" table was moved downstairs for extra seating at Christmas dinner and is not near enough an outlet to set up the sewing machine. I'm thinking the hand hemming would look nicer but maybe not be as durable. That's o.k. though. Dad's not too hard on his pants and he only lives across town so I could fix them if anything happened. This way I could cheat and watch a movie or something while I do it. Maybe one of those plastic surgery shows that I just can't get up and walk away from. Have you ever watched one of those? Kinda makes me re-think the idea of having "a little work done" someday when I'm older! I can't stand all the cutting and blood, not to mention the horror stories when something goes wrong. But yet I'm strangely fascinated at the same time.


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