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Monday, January 09, 2006

My Fabric - My Tools

Today I went to the craft store to get my yarn for knitting class. The color selection was highly disappointing, so I went for the pastel sherbet colored stuff you see on the right. Still not to die for, but interesting enough to keep me wanting to knit with it. Why not have fun colors to look at when I'm knitting row after row of boring beginner's swatches? I told myself I should not look around, trying to resist the urge to spend more money, but wouldn't you know.... positioned right next to the yarn aisle was a rack of new home decor fabric. I just happened to have a 40% off coupon (koo-pun as my husband prounounces it, jokingly referring to a skit by redneck comic Mr. Ron White) for home decor fabric. Well, I just couldn't let that coupon go to waste, right? And I also couldn't resist the super-girly butterfly fabric you see in the picture next to my yarn. Who could? I bought 2 yards just to make sure I'd have enough for whatever project I chose to use it for. When the gal at the cutting counter asked what I was going to make with it I told her it was really just for future projects, maybe a handbag or something. I was feeling a little guilty and joked that my husband probably wouldn't like me bringing more fabric home just to have it sit around (to be fair, he wouldn't really mind at all). She laughed and told me that in one of her previous customer interactions she helped a lady who told her that she looked at fabric as her tools. "He has his tools, I have my fabric". He needs different tools for each specific project just like I need special fabric for each item I'm planning to work on. And just because you've already got a screwdriver, doesn't mean you can't use another one in a different size, with a different head, or even a longer handle! Yep, I like that point of view. Well, guilt assuaged, I spent only $11.67 on 2 yards of fabric and my ball of yarn (I had a 40% off coupon for the yarn too). Not too shabby, though not exactly playing by the rules of my resolution.


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