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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bikini Season Interferes

I don't have time for much of anything lately unless it relates to fitting into my bikini in March when we go to Hawaii. My free time is consumed with fitting in exercise and trying to make healthful lunches for myself, not to mention trying to distract myself from thoughts of "therapy mochas" as my husband calls the mocha you treat yourself to when you are feeling especially stressed or in need of a caffeinic and high-caloric pick-me-up. Distraction consists of ignoring your growling stomach and instead of indulging, busying yourself with one or another of the never ending chores that grown-ups have to do in order to maintain some semblance of an ordered life. I am also reading a new book which has proved to be a worthy competitor for my attention. Amy Tan's biography, "The Opposite Of Fate", is absolutely fascinating to me. Here is a fabulous and famous writer who worries about the things I do and analyzes and obsesses over them in the same ways. Truly amazing.

So far all I have been able to accomplish is: purchasing the thread to hem Dad's pants (UFO #1), pinning the hem, and trying to decide what UFO #2 will be. It's a toss up between the photo albums I put together for this past year (one for me, one for my best friend) and the stocking I started for my husband about 3 years ago (before we were even married). Finishing the photo albums would free up the most room since one of them will get shipped to Virginia and the other will be shelved, but finishing the stocking will result in the greatest sense of achievement since I've been working on it for practically forever. I do have the distinct feeling that all these projects may fall to the wayside after I start my knitting class though.

And honestly, my biggest goal right now is making it to Hawaii without too many wobbly bits hanging out of my bathing suit!


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