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Monday, April 17, 2006

Goodwill Hunting

I love Goodwill! Look at these great sweaters I found the other day when I stopped by. I especially love the pink and red one. Those two colors together are one of my favorite combinations. Hopefully these will end up as either knitting tote bags or bits and pieces for little creatures or flowers. Since I discovered these adorable cupcakes the other day it has got me thinking about all the other things I could do with pretty bits from old recycled sweaters. I also found a cool vintage transfer pattern book to use for embroidering some things. It has the best picture of a retro kitty under some mistletoe. Recently I discovered the Sublime Stitching website and now I'm all excited about embroidering too. The only bad thing about Goodwill is the guilty feeling I get for purchasing more things to stash in the house while I figure out what to make them into. Of course everything is cheap, so I can't pass it up! But still. While waiting in line to purchase this stuff I had to resist the urge to bolt for the glassware section when I saw the beautiful carnival glass compote the woman in front of me was purchasing. How did I miss that little guy? Lately I've been obsessed with the sweater felting thing so I've been focusing my search on the needlework books and supplies as well as the women's sweaters. Maybe next time I better make a quick pass through the glassware too!


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