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Monday, January 30, 2006

Knittin' Fool

Last Thursday (1/26/06) was my second knitting class. We learned to slip stitches, increase with a KFB (Knit front Back I believe it's called) and yarn over. The project is a seed stitch dishcloth with a lacy edge pattern, knit in a triangle so as to teach us how to increase and decrease. I don't know why, but after being so confident with my knitting and purling, this project threw me for a bit of a loop. I knitted and ripped out over and over for the first eight rows - a good 30 times. Finally I decided to screw it and just push on and before too long the pattern established itself and things were looking better. Our homework was to knit 45 stitches in our pattern and then return to class this coming Thursday to learn how to decrease and finish our dishcloth. So here's what my homework looks like as of today:

With my homework finished, I needed another knitting fix to tide me over between now and the next knit class. So I was exceedingly naughty and broke my rules about spending money on new craft items and went to the local shop and bought the supplies to make a felted clutch that I saw in a recent magazine. They didn't have the lush raspberry colored yarn that I really wanted, but I found something suitable and some new needles to go with it. Since this will be a felted project, the needles are HUGE! Size 13! Should be interesting since I've never knitted anything on such big needles before. Check out my new fun project:

I can't wait to get started! Of course, I still have to worry about getting in shape for that Hawaiian vacation I'm going on in March, so I better not cast on any stitches until I've worked out first, or that bikini is really going to be a lost cause!


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