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Monday, September 18, 2006

Holiday knitting begins!

Last week I received my Flore Hat kit from Knitwhits that I purchased on eBay. It is so cute! I was glad to find out that the child sized hat pattern will fit a small adult head too. I was thinking I'd have to buy the separate pattern from the site to get the expanded sizes as they tell you you'll have to do if you want to make it for an adult. I've got a peanut head so the child size will probably fit just fine. I'm making this for my niece that will be born in October as a Christmas gift. Figured I'd better get started early since I've got several other things to make before Christmas. I've also got the yarn and needles to make a neck pillow that I found in one of the past issues of Knit.1 magazine for my father-in-law's girlfriend who always buys us something even though we agree with my father-in-law not to exchange gifts at Christmas. This way I'll have something for her "just in case" and if she decides to obey the rules, I'll have something that will be perfect for anyone who I need a quick gift for. It will be a nice gift too since it's made of supersoft Lion Brand cashmere blend yarn . I may just decide to keep it for myself with those cute fluffy white clouds all over it!

O.k. Enough chit chat! I am dying to work on my hat now! Happy knitting! Oh, and if anyone else is working on this hat too, feel free to comment and post on your progress. Sort of an informal knit-a-long :)


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