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Monday, July 17, 2006

I do enjoy knitting. Really. I do. Just keep telling myself that.

Things have been crazy lately between being out of town and humoring my husband's kayak passion (just kidding - I enjoy it too), so I haven't really kept up with my Warm Woolies project as much as I'd hoped to. I did manage to get some knitting in during two trips back and forth between Bellingham and Issaquah (about 3 hours each way with traffic) for kayak school, and another weekend spent traveling to Wenatchee for some camping (another several hours each way). To the left is a picture of Hat #4 that I completed some time last month. It looks kind of plain right now, but I plan to add some girly embroidery before sending it off to the kidlets.

To the right are vests 1 & 2 that I completed during all our driving around in the last month. I probably would have completed them faster if I wasn't such a "Knitiot" (my term for a knitting idiot like myself!). I had to rip out several of the final rows on each vest because I'd made mistakes. The aqua one I dropped a stitch and could not, for the life of me, coax it back into place. For all the stress it was causing me, it was just easier to rip it out to the spot where I'd dropped it and start knitting again from there. Am I the only retard who can't figure out how to fix a dropped stitch?! And on the striped one, I forgot to work the back top portion in garter stitch, doing stockinette instead, so when I discovered it didn't match the front I had to take it out all over again. I do enjoy knitting. Really. I do. Just keep telling myself that. My husband always asks why I bother when I start to rip stuff out and my neck gets all tense and I start to curse under my breath. And I just repeat that mantra: I do enjoy knitting. Really. I do......

I am now working on the Warm Woolies Vest of the Month from March which has a pretty eyelet pattern. I'm using Bulky Lamb's Pride in Blue Blood Red from Brown Sheep Company. I think it will be really pretty when I'm done and am thinking about threading some white or pink ribbon through the eyelets when I finish up for a really sweet girly touch. Hopefully this one will go more smoothly than the last two, though I'm starting to worry one skein might not be enough yarn. Oh well - just an excuse for another trip to the yarn shop right?


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