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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Groovy Hats

Yay! Yet another fun little item brought to me by eBay. I couldn't resist the little blue hat in the upper lefthand corner. I love hats and groovy vintage stuff, so I just had to add this one to my collection. Luckily, there were some other cool hat patterns inside this booklet besides that one. The photo of the blue hat that goes with the pattern inside looks a little more 60's/70's dorky than pictured here (there's a pompom and some other weird features that I will have to omit if I end up knitting it) but I think it would still be cute. And then there's some other funny little hats that might be fun to knit up or alter. Maybe this winter sometime when I'm actually indoors a little more. I should have more time to knit then. I always think I'll find the time at lunch but end up playing Sudoku instead. It's addicting! But then again, so is knitting! I should really learn to stick to one addiction at a time. But what fun would that be?


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