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Monday, February 06, 2006

French Elf

Unraveling the Abercrombie sweater was pretty easy. Most of the seams zipped right out, though I had a little difficulty due to the stripes and ended up with some spots where I couldn't get a continuous run of yarn. After I finished I felt a little bit like a story I'd read when I was a kid called French Elf, in which a new bride forgets to purchase thread for the wedding dress she's having sewn for herself. When French Elf overhears this, he conjures up the perfect ball of thread with all the colors she needs, and rolls it across her path. Delighted, she sees it and takes it to the seamstress who finds it to be the perfect thread to sew with, and exactly the right amount of each color is on the ball. However, French Elf has a trick up his sleeve and on the bride's happy wedding day, he causes all the thread to magically disappear from her dress and in moments she is standing in front of everyone in just her underwear! Surrounded by all my small balls of yarn unraveled from this sweater, I felt as if I'd magically stumbled across something created by French Elf. There seemed to be just the right amount of each color for the flowers I wanted to make, and everything came out so perfectly. Now that I've begun to knit with it, everything is going so swimmingly that I'm a little afraid I'll wake up and it will have disappeared or come out with snarls or something. We'll see what happens when I felt it, but until then I'm keeping an eye out for French Elf.....


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