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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pink 'n Pretty Girly Girl

Yesterday I went down to one of the yarn shops in our historic Fairhaven district, Sweaterbabe pattern in hand, to buy some yarn. The sun was glowing and spring fever abounded in our usually gloomy city. I was so ready to make something other than a dishcloth (the required project for my knitting class) and something summery was exactly what I had in mind. But when I asked the girl at the knit shop about how I should figure out what size to make from my pattern, she took one look at it and told me the yarn they used was something really chunky and that pretty much all I'd be able to use would be wool. I thought about this, about having to wear this creation I'd made out of sheer desperation to show my knitting adventure hadn't been a lost cause, while itching and sweating my way through a summer afternoon like a big fat drippy marshmallow. Hmm. It didn't sound appealing. So she showed me the new issue of Interweave and pointed out this pretty little dainty camisole which I instantly loved - of course it helped that the tank was pink, my absolute favorite color right now. But I sadly told her that I was just a beginner and didn't think I'd be able to make something so complicated. She said it was actually a very easy pattern (one of the things I don't like about Interweave is that they don't tell you the difficulty level of their patterns for knitting idiots like me) and she thought I should be able to knit it without any problems. I could always come back for some quick info or pay for a private lesson if I ran into trouble she said (when I told my knitting class instructor about this, she told me I should be more than able to get help for free from her knitting group- is she serious? Do other knitters really want to take the time away to from what they're doing to spoonfeed a newbie?). So I let her show me the frenchy french pink cotton/linen blend yarn, and with the prospect of sipping margaritas in my girly-girl camisole I'd knitted my very own self floating dreamily in my mind's eye, I plunked down the plastic and bought into my first knitting fantasy.


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